Well 2019 is upon us and it’s time to set big goals for the year. I encourage all of you do do the same. Years ago i would talk goals, guess how many were accomplished? Not many. So a couple years ago i made the decision to put them out there for anyone to see. Did i hit all the goals? No. Some took me a few months longer and some became less important and vision focused elsewhere. However because i was able to review them weekly over 95% of the goals set were accomplished. I’m pretty proud of this accomplishment as I get it., it’s not always easy. Setting goals has to be more than just finances, it can be events you would like to attend, something you want to buy, something you want to learn, a change in your life, a new road to go down, really anything you desire. So without further to do here we go!

2019  Financial and Personal Goals

Increase my TFSA account by $6,000—————-Complete

  • Completed in the first 4 months of the year

Open up and fund Maria’s TFSA  to $3,600—————–Complete

  • Ended up increasing by $8,000

Pour a concrete patio and purchase and place a hot tub on it 🙂-Complete

  • Hot tub was purchased in the summer

Receive $2,400 in dividends —————–Complete

  • Ended up over $2,500

Do not pay even one penny in interest on any credit card —————–Complete

  • By making full payments to the credit card twice a month we were able to continue the streak of not interest on credit cards going on over 3 years

Give back —————–Complete

  • Details in the review at the bottom of the post

Increase the RRSP account by $5,100 —————–Complete

  • Thanks to a company matching program we completed before the end of the year

Beat the TSX (Year end TSX $14,315) —————–Complete

  • TSX up 19% on the year, we came in at 30%

Receive $700 from our cash back credit card

  • Blew through this one by end of July

NEW goal – Receive $1200 from our cash back credit card —————–Complete

  • Completed this by November

Fund the kids RESP by at least $2,400

  • The government gives 20% in grant form for funding this so we put in $2,500 and the government put in $500 for a total of $3,000

Increase net worth by $60,000

  • No major hiccups in the stock market allowing us to hit $75,000

Reduce debt to asset formula from 61% to 57% —————–Complete

  • We had a rocking first quarter ans ket the momentum going to smash this one and reduce to 52%

Finding new ways to reduce waste in our house hold —————–Complete

  • See post below for what we implemented this year

For specific detail on the accomplishments of these goals follow the link below

Invest in yourself


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