April has been a less active month when it comes to the portfolio, probably because March was a overly busy month. Before I get into that here is what we have been up too:

  • Started to prep the ground for where the hot tub will be sitting and run the electrical.
  • Enjoyed Easter dinner twice. Perks of Marrying a greek women 🙂
  • Kids enjoying the warmer weather with plenty of trips to the park
  • Picked out our hot tub, should arrive next month
  • Maria went to Sacramento for her home based business
  • Z lost 3 teeth in 4 days, tooth fairy is going broke
  • Enjoying the warm weather so many days to the park
Z before she lost her third tooth
C coming out of the slide with the cutest smile

My beautiful wife and ah me

Now let’s get down to business

Portfolio details:

As you know if you have been following my blog we slightly changed the strategy using about 5% of the portfolio to trade mainly well respected companies, when short term noise has hurt the stock price we purchase these companies and then move on to the next candidate. This month saw the strategy bring in $634.73 by making three sell’s which I’ll discuss below. This bring’s the 2019 total to $2,701.52 not including any dividends received.


Sold half my position of SIS which was 120 shares @ $15.01

Well I got a bit lucky here. The morning of April 1st I decided to sell half because it had increased to $15 and I bought it only a couple weeks prior at $13.15. That evening they diluted their shares and the stock drop well over 10%. So what did I do? Look under my buy’s below 😉


I sold Cas.to for no gain and no loss, good thing i did as it dropped days after i sold. I bought and sold AUSA (Basically the Aurora of the USA) making a 15% profit.


Added 130 shares of SIS @ $13.75 to bring our position to 250 shares

Who is SIS:

Savaria Corp designs, engineers, and manufactures products for personal mobility. Its products include home elevators, wheelchair lifts, commercial elevators, ceiling lifts, stair lifts, and van conversions. The company’s operating segments are the Accessibility, the Adapted Vehicles and the Span divisions. The Accessibility segment deals with manufacturing, designing, installing and distributing elevators, platform lifts and stairlifts for people with mobility challenges.The Adapted Vehicle segment adapts vans to be wheelchair accessible for people with mobility challenges.The Span segment includes the manufacturing and distribution of a comprehensive line of therapeutic support surfaces and other pressure management products for the medical market.

My why:

Basically sold it and bought it back about a week later. I used all my profits from the original sell to purchase an additional 10 shares. The dilution may have brought the share price down however this gave us the opportunity to get back in and have even more dividends coming in.

Dividend increases or decreases


CSH.UN increased April payment by 9%

TD Increased April payment by 10%

No dividend cuts

2016 – 2017 – 2018 – 2019 Dividends

Dividends received in April were $147.84 which is a 47% increase year over year. I love how the chart is starting to look, very consistent trend month over month (Not including quarterly months).

Dividends received per stock

Stock ListJanuaryFebruaryMarchApril

Too be honest I’m unsure what my next move will be, currently have some cash sitting on the sidelines waiting for the play.

What are you currently watching? Do you see any big values plays at this current time or is the market very rich?

Thank you for reading, see you next month and remember:



Money While You Sleep 2019 April Edition

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10 thoughts on “Money While You Sleep 2019 April Edition

  1. Hi Brian, I enjoyed seeing your ” Dividend Results ” post on Canadian Dividend Investing on Facebook. Thank you for creating and managing this group. As I am new to Dividend Investing, is it possible to list the purchase price of the positions you have in your portfolio. Then when you receive your dividends, list the price of the position on that day. I want to see the company’s performance over time. I also want to see if the company maintains it’s value or if there are opportunities to sell if the value of the stock plus the dividend return exceeds the expectations of the stock. From this I can have a general background on how everything ties together. If this is too much work or if there is privacy concerns I’ll understand. Thank You, Robert Panetta

    1. Hey Robert,

      Never really thought of that but it makes sense. It’s definitely something that can be done, i may have to wait until summer when i have some time to pull that info and put it on the website.

      Welcome to the world of dividend investing. If i could give you any advice it would be:
      1 Never fall in love with a stock
      2 Buy on fear and sell on greed
      3 Don’t chase yield unless the fundamentals are there.
      4 It’s okay to take a profit
      5 Don’t buy a stock when its falling like a knife, be patient and wait for stability (I lost tons years ago because of this,

      Thanks for the suggestion as well as reading my blog.

      All the best to you,


  2. Congrats on another solid month!

    Tooth fairy is gonna bleed you dry..better be careful 😛
    Looks like 2019 has been solid so far – every month better than last year!

    1. Thanks Jordan, very happy with the first few months. The challenge is continuing the same trend or better.

      Tooth fairy is gonna have to recycle soon 😉


  3. Great job…also bought SIS post-share dilution. Of note, it closed end of April, so give it a month or so for the market to digest the new shares and it’ll be back up.

    1. Awesome Mat, I love SIS outlook and market share in their specific sector

  4. nice Brian

    great yr over yr growth and moves in the portfolio.

    sis looks pretty good but havent touched it yet.

    The market is starting to get a little cheaper…

    cheers Brian

    1. Just added more to SIS, they come out with results this week, cross fingers. Yr over yr is trending nicely.

      Thanks for the comment


      1. Yeah, it will be an interesting report. My key metric will be margins. If margins are back trending in the right direction we can see a big move to the upside assuming macro events subside. Damn tariffs!!

        1. I’m unsure if SIS provides anything that a tariff would affect them on in any way?

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