In January 2016 we had been looking for a different way to reach our financial goals. My family and I wanted our money to start working for us. One quote that really hit home was Warren Buffets saying “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”. So doing some financial homework, a great strategy was dividend investing and the powers of compounding interest. Currently we have been collecting dividends for 15 months and below you will find a chart of dividends received each month:

You can see above March 2017 was the highest our dividends hit by receiving $119.01. This is an increase of 623% compared to March 2016.

Some may ask what we did with the dividends? Did we pay a bill? Go out for dinner? Put it towards an upcoming purchase?


The answer is we reinvested it back into the portfolio to reap the benefits of compounding interest.  The plan is too continue doing so until the dividends pay for all our day to day expenses. Please note that each month additional funds are added to my portfolio.


Dividends received

Company Ticker Dividend
Accord Finacial Corp ACD.TO $9.00
Boardwalk REIT BEI.UN $4.31
Northview Apartment REIT NVU.UN $13.58
ARC Resources Ltd ARX.TO $3.45
Alta Gas Ltd ALA.TO $5.78
Freehold Royalties Ltd FRU.TO $2.28
Gamehost Inc GH.TO $5.18
Granite Oil Corp GXO.TO $10.89
Healthcare Leaders Income Fund HHL.TO $7.00
Superior Plus Corp SPB.TO $4.74
Manulife Financial Corp MFC.TO $24.60
Tahoe Resources Inc THO.TO $5.28
Diversified Royalty Corp DIV.TO $0.44
Exco Technologies XTC.TO $22.48
Total $119.01


I’ve made a few changes to my portfolio in late March that I will be discussing what was added and what was removed in my next post.

Please leave a comment if you wish as I appreciate any feedback!

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Free money “The power of dividends and compounding interest” March 2017

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