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Before we get started lets see how January went. Like most people January is a pretty uneventful month. Taking down Christmas decorations, catching up on holiday costs etc…. Either way its been a good start to the year. Here are a couple pictures of what we have been up to.



We have booked 14 days in Mexico this summer


In order to increase our financial IQ we will be attending the following workshop

Credit score increased from 815 to

Now let’s see how the portfolio did 



Sold my full position of 351 shares in Nevsun Resources (NSU)


My why:

About a year ago they had cut their dividend 75% in order to fund the Timok mine. I probably should of sold then however I felt they were cutting the dividend for the right reasons. Unfortunately they announced that they were suspending the dividend until further notice. That was enough for me to move on as there is better places to put my money. The dividend they were paying was so small that i felt if they had to suspend it they may have bigger issues.




Added to my position in Freehold Royalties LTD by purchasing 57 shares


Who is Freehold Royalties LTD:

Freehold Royalties Ltd. is a dividend-paying oil and gas royalty company based in Calgary, Alberta. Our assets are located predominately in western Canada. Our primary focus is to acquire and actively manage royalties, while providing a relatively low risk income vehicle for our shareholders. Freehold has one of the largest independently owned portfolios of royalty lands in Canada, with land holdings totaling more than 6.1 million gross acres.

My why:

They recently purchased Long LifeCardium Royalty asset. Freehold continues to put up great numbers quarter after quarter and also increased the dividend in March of 2017 (20%). At current numbers I’d suspect we’ll see another increase in 2018. The annual dividend is sitting around 4% on an annual basis. This is a very safe way to play energy because 95% of their business is royalties. 


2016 – 2017 – 2018 Dividends

January was a great start to the year with $93.13 in dividends received which is a slight increase from last year at this time.


Dividends received per stock and if they are set up within the DRIP program


January 2018     Dividend Reinvestment Plan
Chartwell Retirement Residents CSH.UN $6.77 Not enough
Cardinal Energy Ltd CJ.TO $8.51 Yes
Northview Apartment REIT NVU.UN $6.79 Not enough
Plaza Retail Reit PLZ.UN $8.06 Yes
Arc Resources Ltd ARX.TO $3.45 Not enough
Alta Gas Ltd ALA.TO $12.23 Not enough
Crescent Point Energy Corp CPG.TO $1.59 Not enough
Enbridge Income Fund Holdings ENF.TO $4.28 Not enough
Extendicare Inc EXE.TO $6.88 Not enough
Freehold Royalties Ltd FRU.TO $2.85 Not enough
Gamehost Inc GH.TO $5.18 Not enough
Sienna SR Living Inc SIA.TO $8.63 Not enough
Superior Plus Corp SPB.TO $8.22 Not enough
Nevsun Resources NSU.TO $4.30 Yes
Fee rebates on FRU purchase Rebate $4.95 N/A
Diversified Royalty Corp DIV.TO $0.44 Not enough
Total   $93.13  

$93.13 could easily pay the phone bill this month however like I’ve said in the past is it would be best if the total could grow to cover a mortgage each month so we will reinvest all of it back into the portfolio.



What do you think of my recent purchase?

Do you think it was best to sell NSU after another disappointing dividend cut?

Did you add anything this month? Anything look out there look attractive to you?


Feel free to leave a comment and be sure to sign up for my blog via email to stay up to date with each post!


Thank you for reading 


Invest in yourself


Money While You Sleep 2018 January Edition

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4 thoughts on “Money While You Sleep 2018 January Edition

  1. Nice Brian. Congrats on a good month, covering your phone bill is always great. anytime a company cuts their dividend it makes you wonder. Probably was a good sell as it moves your money to another company paying you some money!
    Keep it up

    1. Thank you. I have not had very many dividend cuts but looking at past companies that have made this decision that much easier. I’m going to take a bit of time to do some research on where i should place that money. All the best!

  2. Another great info session. I’m encouraging my husband to read your newsletter. We are planning to start a joint investment portfolio.

    1. Hey Deb, That is great to hear and I appreciate your kind words. All the best to both of you on your future venture!

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