At the end of 2016 some personal and financial goals were set for 2017. Below is a breakdown of each goal set and if it was achieved or not.


Increase the TFSA account by $8,160.

This goal was achieved by monthly contributions as well as dividends received. The total annual increase was $8,817.


Increase  the RRSP account by 3,600.

This goal was also achieved by monthly contributions. The total annual increase was $3,600.


Save for and go on a family vacation to Anaheim.

This goal was achieved and was an amazing trip. Zoey and Colton got to experience disneyland for the first time as well as another first which will come later.

Increase Savings account by $4,800.


This one was not even close. When i made this goal i really didn’t put in perspective on how i like to make 2018 purchases (Trips, events etc…) Either way i did not meet this goal and only increased the account by $3,000.



Earn $1,200 from dividends.

Well this one came right down until the end of the year, unfortunately it was missed as dividends received were $1,091. Early in the year a decision was made to be more diversified and although it affected my year end dividends I believe the right decision was made. This goal will still be hit either in January or February.


Save up and finish landscaping back yard.


I’m going to give myself this one. Although there is more work to go in 2018, we also made changes to what we originally had planned for. Here are a couple pictures from before and after.


Start a Blog for real this time.

I’m happy to say that the blog has been going well with at least one post per month.


Go to at least two Edmonton Oiler games.

This one was achieved. 4 games were gone too which included two playoff games in two different countries. Here are a few pictures.

Go to at least one concert.

This was achieved as two concerts were attended. One with the wife (Bruno Mars), the other with my brother and cousin from Calgary (Guns & Roses).

Don’t pay a penny in interest payments on any credit card.

I’m happy to report not one single penny was given on interest payments of any credit card. We actually got cash back of $950. Credit card companies don’t like me and I’m okay with that!


8/10 goals were accomplished, that’s better than any score i got in school outside of physical activities.


Did you set annual goals for yourself?

How did you do?

Any hurdles?



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Invest in yourself


2017 Year End Goal Review

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6 thoughts on “2017 Year End Goal Review

  1. You are doing an amazing job. What you consider misses are still successes. I enjoy your blog.👍🏻

    1. Hey Deborah. Thank you for your kind works. Overall I’m very happy with how 2017 went. All the best to you 🙂

  2. Hey Brian looks like 2017 was very successful for you, I hope 2018 is even better. Achieving 8 out of your 10 goals is very impressive, in my opinion you did excellent on the two goals you missed that I would say you achieved all 10.

    Take care all the best to you in 2018.


    1. Thanks Matt. I appreciate the kind works, all the best to you in 2018!

  3. Congrats – looks like a great year!
    The yard looks really good. Too bad you wont get to go to any oilers playoff games this year…but you can always jump on the Jets bandwagon 🙂

    1. Thank you. I agree as the Oilers have really put themselves in a tough spot. Jets are looking good. All the best to you!

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