Welcome to November’s edition of more free money from dividend investing.


December was a great overall month as I got a nice staycation to spend with my family. As usual here are a couple of pictures.

Zoey and Colton having some fun

Maria and I had bought each other gifts

Maria looking pretty by the Christmas tree

Maria and I during the holidays



Now let’s see how the portfolio did while we were having fun, enjoying Christmas and sleeping of course.



I sold no dividend stocks this month



I made one purchase this month

New position in Power Corporation of Canada by purchasing 32 shares


Who is Power Corporation of Canada:

Power Corporation of Canada operates as a diversified international management and holding company with interests primarily in the financial services, communications, and other business sectors in Canada, the United States, and Europe. It offers life, health, and reinsurance products and services, as well as retirement, and investment and asset management services; manages and distributes mutual funds and other managed asset products; annuities, executive benefits, and mortgage products; and wealth management services. The company also owns La Presse, the French-language news medium; owns and operates as roof solar power generation and hydropower facilities; and provides equity investment funds, as well as media and healthcare services. In addition, it holds interests in various sectors, such as specialty minerals, cement, aggregates, concrete, testing, inspection, certification sportswear, wines and spirits, materials technology, recycling, oil, gas, alternative energy services. The company was founded in 1925 and is based in Montréal, Canada

My why:

I was looking at adding another insurance company and POW has been on my list for quite sometime. Their PE ratio had dropped below 10, payout ratio is around 50% and they have an attractive dividend of around 4.5%. As interest rates have started to increase this will help increase revenue and profit. To me they have lagged the competition and money sense has them in the top 4 of the best 2018 dividend stocks and they also made the top Canadian stocks of 2018 list.

2016 vs 2017 Dividend Graph chart

December was my best month ever which i am very proud of. $143.38 in dividends were received which is an increase of 36% from last Decembers total. 

All dividends received last year = $735.78 and this years total came in at $1,091.12. That’s a year over year increase of 39%.


Dividends received per stock and if they are set up within the DRIP program

December 2017     Dividend Reinvestment Plan
Northview Apartment REIT NVU.UN $6.79 Not enough
Gamehost Inc GH.TO $5.18 Not enough
Sienna SR Living Inc SIA.TO $8.63 Not enough
Superior Plus Corp SPB.TO $8.22 Not enough
Cardinal Energy Ltd CJ.TO $8.47 Yes
Plaza Retail Reit PLZ.UN $8.03 Yes
Arc Resources Ltd ARX.TO $3.45 Not enough
Alta Gas Ltd ALA.TO $12.23 Not enough
Crescent Point Energy Corp CPG.TO $1.59 Not enough
Enbridge Income Fund Holdings ENF.TO $4.28 Not enough
Freehold Royalties Ltd FRU.TO $2.85 Not enough
Diversified Royalty Corp DIV.TO $0.44 Not enough
Chartwell Retirement Residents CSH.UN $6.77 Not enough
Extendicare Inc EXE.TO $6.88 Not enough
Manulife Financial Corp MFC.TO 25.22 Not enough
Exco Technologies XTC.TO 22.88 Yes
Power Corporation of Canada POW.TO 11.47 Not enough
Total   $143.38


$143.38 now were talking

I’d love to go pay a bill with this total however as usual I’m going to put this money back to work so one day this total pays a mortgage.


What’s next?

Well i got to look at my portfolio over the next month and reassess each holding to see if they still meet my long-term targets so for now I’m going to start holding a bit more cash and see which sector needs to be added too.



How was your month or 2017 for that matter?

Did you hit your goals?

What are you looking at adding for 2018?


Thanks for reading!

And don’t forget too………………….. Invest in yourself


Money While You Sleep 2017 December Edition

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8 thoughts on “Money While You Sleep 2017 December Edition

  1. Congrats on a terrific month and year. Very impressive, also I like the addition of Power Corp. to your portfolio I also own the stock. Happy New Year to you and the family I hope 2018 is a great year for you.

    1. Thanks Matt. Great minds think alike! Happy new years to you and I’m confident you will knock 2018 out of the park. All the best!

    1. I love learning and growing together. I’m very proud that you and Mike have decided to pursue a new opportunity!

  2. Hey Brian great month congratz! That himble histle gift is nice. Nice addition of power. They are a good company and as you pointed out the interest rates will only boost their profits.
    Best of luck in 2018. Keep it up

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