Welcome to November’s monthly update. I really mixed it up this month with plenty of sells (profit taking) and a few add’s. As markets start to hit all time highs I personally felt it was best to move some positions around because I feel the stock is too high and others becauses i try not to own more than 5% of one single stock. Before i get into the details here is what we have been up to.

  • Z passed another swim level.
  • Lots and lots of shopping.
  • Visited Maria’s grandmother to be with her on her special day .

Here are a few pictures

Level 9
What’s really important, memories

Now let’s get down to business

Portfolio details:

As you know if you have been following my blog we slightly changed the strategy using about 5% of the portfolio to trade mainly well respected companies, when short term noise has hurt the stock price we purchase these companies and then move on to the next candidate. This month saw the strategy bring in $950 by selling a few stocks. This bring’s the 2019 total to $5,169 not including any dividends received. The one not mentioned below is EFX.


Reduced position in Savaria by selling 130 shares at $13.89

Just freeing up a few dollars for other opportunities. The good news is i took a small profit and collected dividends throughout.

Sold remaining position in NFI group by selling 72 shares at $29.63

We sold prior to results which worked out well as the quarter was not pleasant and now were going into tax selling time, I would like to add after tax selling. 2020 back order looks good which should give them a better outcome. Either way this company has a good market share within their sector and long term its a great company in my opinion.

Sold full position in EIF by selling 80 shares at $43.50

This one was the hardest to sell as it has been good to me. It had a fall back to $37.90 and we picked up shares again for the third time this year. It came out with its results and again impressed. It was a good profit to take so we took it. We will be watching this one closely as I’m sure it will end up in the portfolio yet again in the future.

Reduced position in CHR by selling 130 shares at $8.07

CHR got too big percentage wise and had to reduce the position to stick with my present goal of around 5% in one single holding. No other reason for the sell of some shares.

Reduced position in TD by selling 15 shares at $76.74

This again was bringing the position down to 5% of portfolio. It was a timely sell as TD has dropped a few dollars since the reduction.


Opened up a new position in Brookfield Property Partners (BPY.UN) by purchasing 120 shares @ $25.10

Who is BPY?

Brookfield Property Partners L.P. is a global company which owns, operates and invests in commercial property. The majority of the company’s assets are located in North America, Europe, and Australia. 

My Why:

Brookfield has some of the best management in the world. That alone should be a top reason to own the stock . They own half malls and half office space which gives them some diversification. If you believe malls are not dead and interest rates will not rise for quite some time, i’d look at this as an opportunity. Pays a healthy 5+% dividend and a PE of around 13. This will add plenty of dividend for us as you know we just reduced many positions.

Opened up a new position in Sienna Senior Living (SIA) by purchasing 170 shares @ $18.33

Who is SIA?

Sienna Senior Living Inc. is a Canadian publicly traded senior housing company based in Markham, Ontario. As at December 31, 2018, the company owned and operated 70 seniors’ living residences in addition to managing 17 residences for third parties.

My Why :

By far my favorite sector at this time. Baby boomers are retiring at an enormous rate, this is expected to continue over the next 10-15 years. Demand for care facilities will continue to increase which gives this sector a good edge to what is considered a defensive sector. Growth may not be crazy year over year but growth in my mind is growth. Sienna pays an attractive 5% annual dividend and makes their payouts monthly.

Dividend increases or decreases

No decreases this month

2016 – 2017 – 2018 – 2019 Dividends

Dividends received in November were $144.13 which is a slight increase year over year ($125.87 last November) and this keeps us on track to hitting our 2019 dividend goal of $2,400.

Dividends received per stock

Stock ListNovember

Last month we discussed some rebalancing and that’s exactly what we did. In December we will be looking at adding a bank and maybe one more position before years end.

What do you think of our recent position changes?

Do you think it’s important to rebalance?

What looks attractive to you in this market, if anything?

Thank you for reading, see you next month and remember:



Money While You Sleep 2019 November Edition

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