Welcome to another edition of Money While You Sleep. I apologize in the delay on getting this published unfortunately we suffered a loss in the family, my wife’s Pappous (Grandfather) was an amazing man and were are very lucky to have had him on our lives. Life is hard sometimes when no matter what you do you can’t fix the situation. Pictures this month will be dedicated to him and what he meant to us.

Portfolio details:

Although there wasn’t too much action this month on my part we did see the portfolio rise quite a bit to start the year which was really nice to see. We did do the following:

  • Slowly started to fund Maria’s TFSA by adding $1,000
  • Did a lump sum of $5K into the RRSP to help with tax relief before the deadline of Feb 28

Here’s a breakdown of portfolio allocation:

January breakdown 79.6% Blue Chip, 12.7% Growth and 7.6% Cash

Cash position is slightly higher as a majority of the 7.6% is being held in USD. Those USD are locked up in HSUV.U.TO so we can gain some interest until were ready to add to the company portfolio




We made one purchase on the final day of January within the RRSP and that company is Medtronic PLC (MDT). The purchase adds $81.60 annually to the dividend portfolio. You can find my write up on why I moved forward with this company HERE

Dividend increases and decreases

  • AQN cut the dividend by 40%

Looks like we got some catching up to do.

2023 Dividends

Dividends came in at $437.16. This is a year over year increase of 22.83%. We also dripped 14 new shares. We have set out our annual goal of $6,000 for 2023. Playing this one more conservative with inflation on the rise, potential smaller dividend increases across the board and taking longer than usual to fund TFSA accounts. We are 7% there after the first month.

Dividends received

Stock ListDividendDrip
PLZ.UN$11.15Yes, 2 shares
TD.TO$96.96Yes, 1 share
AQN.TO$98.72Yes, 11 shares

My interests this month

Sectors I’m currently looking at

  • Healthcare
  • Oil and Gas
  • Technology
  • Utilities

Current Dividend watch list (Own 6 of 7)

  • Medtronic plc
  • Fortis
  • Granite Real Estate Investment Trust
  • TD Bank
  • Equitable Group
  • Restaurant Brands International
  • QUALCOMM Incorporated

Current Growth watch list (Already own 4 of the 6)

  • BRP Inc
  • Nuvei Corporation
  • WELL Health
  • Good Natured Products
  • Bragg Gaming Group

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment!

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Disclosure:  I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. Please ensure you do your own research.

Money While You Sleep 2023 January Edition

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