Welcome to another edition of Money While You Sleep. I’m finally getting this update out to you on time. July was just an awesome month from enjoying life to seeing the portfolio do really well. Here are few things we have been up to before we go into the details:

We have been up to quote a bit this summer and June was no different:

  • Maria and I celebrated our 12th year anniversary with a round of golf, followed by a nice dinner at the Keg and well you know 😉
  • We wrapped up another season of baseball, our boy really enjoyed it or maybe it was the treats.
  • A big shout out to my in-laws Sophie and George on their 45th anniversary this month!
  • Well my grass became Twitter or now X famous by mistake, kind of cool. Now got to work on that thread many are requesting.
  • Z performed at her first ever Edmonton Riverhawks game, a moment she will never forget.

Portfolio details:

Funds added:

  • July is the first month that we started funding my TFSA. Its going to take all year but the important thing is it will get there.
  • Portfolio up 3% without counting any increased funds


Reduced $CASH and $HSUV.


We finally loaded up on a bunch of stocks as some attractive value plays were to good not to jump on:

Canadian side:

  • Telus (T.TO). Its not very often Telus is almost 30% off their highs.
  • Rogers Communications Inc. (RCI-B.TO). After purchasing Shaw Communications the market is worried but long term this just adds to a pretty solid portfolio including ownership of the Blue Jays.
  • TC Energy Corporation. Trading 35% off of their highs, a rewarding 7.85% yield and major pipelines in service that are part of the overall cycle in Canada, the US and Mexico. They are also looking at splitting up the company into two separate companies and I’m okay with that.

US side:

  • Target corporation (TGT). Trading at a forward PE of 16 vs. Walmart which is trading at a forward PE of 26. Trading 49% off its all time high I believe this is a nice value play here. Provides over a 3% yield with a healthy 70% payout ratio while you wait for the market to get it right. Time will tell.
  • The Walt Disney Company (DIS). Disney has definitely struggled over the last while and share price is showing that, Down more than 54% from their highs. However they have a solid brand and I see them coming out of this in the long term. With a fairly new streaming service and parks finally fully open it wont be long before people are talking about how this wished they bought Disney in 2023. I like Disney here at a forward PE of 17. I think the parks will continue to thrive even in a higher inflation economy.

Dividend increases and decreases

  • None

2023 Dividends

Dividends came in at $507.89. This is the first YOY decrease due to some companies payouts hitting August instead of typical July. We also dripped 8 new shares. We have set out our annual dividend goal of $6,000 for 2023. We are 58% to our goal through the first seven months.

Dividends/Income received

Stock ListDividendDrip
PLZ.UN$11.48Yes, 2 shares
TD.TO$98.88Yes, 1 share
AQN.TO$60.35Yes, 5 shares

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Money While You Sleep 2023 July Edition

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