Welcome to another edition of Money While You Sleep. Again I’m a month behind on my update. Hopefully can stay up to date on it over the coming months.

We have been up to quote a bit this summer and June was no different:

  • Celebrated our boys 7th birthday with all of his friends/family by taking in a few games of laser tag.
  • Our daughters year end dance performances and a picture below that I just had to share.
  • So many golf rounds I can’t even count.

Portfolio details:

Funds added:

  • Added another $1k into Maria’s TFSA. We are doing it slower this year as we have some large purchases to make.




Added more CASH.TO. We figured until we have a better cash position we may as well get some kind of return while we wait. You can read about it here:


Dividend increases and decreases

  • No

2023 Dividends

Dividends came in at $662.32 which is the highest we have received in one month. This is a year over year increase of 16%. We also dripped 13 new shares. We have set out our annual goal of $6,000 for 2023. Playing this one more conservative with higher living costs, heavier cash position, potential smaller dividend increases across the board as well as taking longer than usual to fund TFSA accounts. We are 50% to our goal through the first six months.

Dividends/Income received

Stock ListDividendDrip
PLZ.UN$11.43Yes, 2 shares
FTS.TO$84.19Yes, 1 share
ENB.TO$78.99Yes, 1 share
MFC.TO$173.74Yes, 6 shares
SU.TO$60.84Yes, 1 share
QBR.B$46.50Yes, 1 share
BEPC.TO$52.95Yes, 1 share

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Money While You Sleep 2023 June Edition

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