If you don’t set goals there is a good chance you won’t achieve any ;). So i decided that 2017 would be the first year i will set annual goals for myself (at least written down and not just in my head). I’m still working on a plan for how long it will take until financial freedom is reached however until than i truly believe if you don’t work on one step at a time (365 steps) there is a good chance that goals will not be reached. So here it is.

2017  Financial and personal goals

  • Increase the TFSA account by $8,160. ←Accomplished 
  • Increase  the RRSP account by 3,600. ←Accomplished 
  • Save for and go on a family vacation to Anaheim. ←Accomplished 
  • Increase Savings account by $4,800. ← Missed target and no longer a focus for 2018
  • Earn $1,200 from dividends. ←Accomplished February 2018
  • Save up and finish landscaping back yard. ←Accomplished 
  • Start a Blog for real this time. ←Accomplished 
  • Go to at least two Edmonton Oiler games. ←Accomplished 
  • Go to at least one concert. ←Accomplished 
  • Don’t pay a penny in interest payments on any credit card. ←Accomplished 

You can see a break down of which goals were accomplished HERE


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