Welcome to June’s edition of more free money from dividend investing. It has been an awesome month for the portfolio, before we get into that let’s see what we have been up to while the portfolio does it’s thing.


We recently wrapped up a very successful turnaround at work so life gets back to normal again, really missed that extra hour and a half each day plus the weekends I get with the family.


Here are a few things we had going on this past month.


  • Got my first round of golf in, was not a great score however the company was nice along with the weather.
  • Our little man celebrated his 2nd birthday.
  • We turned our little mud pit with weeds flowing into a little park for the kids and got some help doing so.
  • Little guy got his first electric car.
  • We went the the Calahoo heritage days and the kids had a blast.
  • Many many birthday parties.
  • Z lost her first tooth.
  • Z finished up school.
  • My sister returned home for the first time in years and we went out as a family to celebrate.

Was able to catch a few of these moments on camera


Had some help from little C and the father in law

Kids are happy

Little C got his first electric ride even before his Dad

Z got pictures for dance

My sister returned to Canada for the first time in years and we went out to celebrate


Portfolio details:



I sold no dividend stocks this month



I added 150 shares at a cost of $26.10 per share of Northview Apartment REIT to my current position of 50 shares


Who is Northview Apartment REIT?

Northview Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust is a real estate investment trust based in Canada. It owns a portfolio of mainly residential properties such as apartments and town homes. It also has a minor interest in commercial properties.

My why:

Well not to long ago the federal government changed the mortgage rules and now most are unable to borrow as much as they would like. Also a stress test was added here as well which from what I hear has turned some potential buyers into rethinking purchasing a home, at least for now. This tells me that there is a high likelihood that they will need to rent longer to save up that down payment. Already we are seeing homes stay on the market longer.

So above explains why i looked at rental properties but now here is a list of why i chose Northview:

  • The properties they own in Western Canada still has plenty of growth available especially if we are finally seeing a recovery in Alberta. Currently occupancy is sitting around 86.1% up 5% year over year. Other areas within the country are around 94-97% occupied.
  • They do great job of “on the go” high end renovations that brings in potential rent increases, this is a big deal as I have seen other companies delay this for years and then it becomes a  much bigger issue.
  • They have their hands in new developments. Any company who can be successful in developments of properties shows you where they are at vs. their competitors. By doing your own developments you add in items that you know based on past experiences of what will bring an increase in shareholder value.
  • Strategic acquisitions. When they do acquire new buildings they pick locations that have higher population potential as well as newer buildings that require low maintenance costs.
  • It recently surpassed its ceiling of $26. From what i can see this is the new floor and $28 is the new ceiling. Always like seeing companies go to new highs.
  • They pay a very nice dividend around 6.22% ($0.1358 per month) with potential for dividend increase.
  • Their valuation is at a discount vs. other REITS in the Canadian space.


The 150 shares alone will add $122.22 to this years dividend income and/or $244.44 on an annual period. As I do see more value in the future,we will DRIP this for the time being.


Dividend increases as well as any dividend cuts



No dividend increases in January

No dividend cuts this month


PLZ.UN increased the dividend from $0.26 to $0.27 which is an increase of 3.85%.

ENF increased the dividend from $2.053 to $2.26 which is an increase of 10.05%.

No dividend cuts this month


MFC increased the dividend from $0.82 to $0.88 which is an increase of 7.32%.

XTC increased the dividend from $0.32 to $0.34 which is an increase of 6.25%

No dividend cuts this month


FRU increased the dividend from $0.05 to $0.525 which is an increase of 5%

No dividend cuts this month


CSH.UN increased the dividend from $0.048 to $0.049 which is an increase of 2.1%, not a huge raise but I’ll take it!

No dividend cuts this month


POW.TO increased the dividend from $0.3585 to $0.382 which is an increase of 6.56%

No dividend cuts this month


2016 – 2017 – 2018 Dividends

Dividends received this month were $273.06. Okay well they were actually $223.21 as we received $49.85 from referrals and free trades using Questrade as my broker. It is a great place to do your investing with low trading fees and you buy ETF’s for free. If your thinking about making the switch or starting your own portfolio go ahead use my PIN under the sign up 😉 306621331398010 and you will receive a minimum of $25 with the potential to receive up to $250. Anyway this is my very best month yet with an increase of 5% or $9.59 (Not including rebates) over March’s received dividends and a huge increase year over year of 168%. I got some help with 3 dividend increases in the second quarter which are mentioned above. Looking forward to the back 6 as you can really see dedication can pay off.


Dividends received per stock and if they’re set up within the DRIP program



June 2018 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
Chartwell Retirement Residents CSH.UN $6.91 No used to fund next purchase
Cardinal Energy Ltd CJ.TO $8.75 Yes
Northview Apartment REIT NVU.UN $6.79 Next month it begins
Plaza Retail Reit PLZ.UN $8.56 Yes
Arc Resources Ltd ARX.TO $8.45 No used to fund next purchase
Alta Gas Ltd ALA.TO $12.23 No used to fund next purchase
Crescent Point Energy Corp CPG.TO $1.59 No used to fund next purchase
Enbridge Income Fund Holdings ENF.TO $4.71 No used to fund next purchase
Extendicare Inc EXE.TO $6.88 No used to fund next purchase
Freehold Royalties Ltd FRU.TO $5.99 No used to fund next purchase
Gamehost Inc GH.TO $5.18 No used to fund next purchase
Sienna SR Living Inc SIA.TO $8.63 No used to fund next purchase
Superior Plus Corp SPB.TO $8.22 No used to fund next purchase
Diversified Royalty Corp DIV.TO $0.44 No used to fund next purchase
Fee rebates on purchases Rebate $49.85 No used to fund next purchase
Power Corporation of Canada POW.TO $12.22 No used to fund next purchase
Exco Technologies XTC.TO 24.65 Yes
Manulife Financial Corp MFC.TO 27.28 Yes
High Liner Foods HLF.TO $58.73 Yes
Chesswood Group LTD. CHW.TO $7.00 No used to fund next purchase
Total $273.06 Yes


I have recently been funding some non dividend paying stocks however still have some cash on the sidelines to purchase the right company for the right price. Sometimes it best to be patient and not over pay for a stock, although the dividend would come quicker it could take months of receiving dividends just to make up for what I could have got it for. Food for thought.

I’m looking at adding my first bank and i have a gut feeling those bank stocks will back off a bit with the next few months. BNS looks quite attractive at current price.


Do you agree by being  patient you can put more in your pocket?

What do you think of my monthly purchase?

What bank stock looks attractive to you right now?


Feel free to leave a comment and be sure to sign up for my blog via email to stay up to date with each post!


Thanks for reading, be sure to check out how we are progressing with our 2018 goals set which will be coming out later this month and remember………


Invest in yourself



Money While You Sleep 2018 June Edition

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6 thoughts on “Money While You Sleep 2018 June Edition

  1. Looks like a great month. Both personally & Financially.

    Great buy on Northview…I’ve had them on my watchlist for quite some time!

    Love the raises from PLZ & POW too (I own both).

    Swingset looks great. Best of luck in July.

    1. Thanks Jordan.
      I’ve had NVU on my watch list for months and felt it’s a great place to be right now.
      All the best to you as well! Looking forward to your next post.

  2. nice Brian

    great month both financially and personally.

    does highliner drip for you? I thought it doesnt offer drip. (atleast with rbc)

    I just bought bns before their ex dividend date, they are one of the best values now. I just did a post on them.

    keep it up

    1. Thank you!

      I us questrade and have it in a synthetic drip which still allows me to receive the shares with no fees involved
      Bns looks very attractive right now and may be my first bank purchase later in the year, by the way I read your post and it’s what made me look into them and place them on the watch list. I will continue to follow your posts as they are a great tool with another like minded perspective.

  3. I really like your unique layout and title for the dividend updates. Thanks for sharing the detailed report! Great results with dividend income and I like your portfolio. I own ENF currently and there are a lot of names I could look at adding from your portfolio. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. Thank you, Buffet gave me the idea by his quote ” If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”.
      I am happy to hear you found some companies within my portfolio that interest you, I really appreciate the feedback.
      I’m going to check out your website!
      All the best to you!

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