At the beginning of the year I had set both personal and finance goals for the 2017 calendar year. Those that haven’t seen the 2017 goals can follow the link here HERE . As promised see below for the latest update on each goal as of June 1st:


Increase the TFSA account by $8,160

So far this year we have added $3,467.70 to the TFSA which was contributed with both new money and dividends. This puts us on track to achieving this goal!


Increase  the RRSP account by 3,600.

As of June 1st $1,500 has been added to the RRSP account which puts us on target to hitting exactly $3,600 by end of year.


Save for and go on a family vacation to Anaheim.

Well this one specifically may hurt the progress of the savings account but it was worth every extra penny spent for the experience my family and I had. The currency from Canadian dollar to US dollar are nowhere close to par and well Canadians currently get the short end of the stick. The trip itself was amazing as we had done a bit more than planned. The plan was to enjoy the business portion for the first couple days and then head over to Disneyland for 3 days. We decided to hit Laguna Beach for a day and also attended the Oilers vs. Ducks game 1. Here are a few photos from the trip:



Increase Savings account by $4,800.

Hey did I tell you that traveling to the states as a Canadian is expensive? Oh I did, well this one has not gone exactly how I’d like it too. Currently not only am I nowhere near the $4,800 goal set, were actually -$1,700. I guess we have to do a better job at pre planning how much a vacation will cost. The good news is we don’t have any large traveling plans for the rest of the year so there should be no excuse to get back on track.


Earn $1,200 from dividends.

I knew this would be a challenge, at the beginning of the year our portfolio was changed up a bit to focus on more companies that not only pay a quality dividend but also has good long-term value. Currently were sitting at $397.70. This gives us 7 months to receive $802.30. This one is going to come down to the wire.

Save up and finish landscaping back yard.

So the wife and I had been talking and we decided to hire someone to design our back yard, which has now been completed. We went from putting just grass in the back yard to an extension to the deck, hot tub (We like luxury what can I say), about 20 trees, patio brick area for fireplace and a brick walk way from the front yard to the back. Were currently “saving up” not so much “finishing”. We understand although the new plan would cost more it gives us privacy, luxury and an increase in resale value. Here is a sneak peak of what it should look like when complete and a big shout out to Barrett Klesko from Planterra Landscapes for the awesome design:

Follow the link below if you have the same design skills as I do and would like another option. I highly recommend Barrett’s work!

Start a Blog for real this time.

Well since I’m currently typing at this very second on my personal blog it looks like this one is going well.


Go to at least two Edmonton Oiler games.

So far I have been at 4 games, 1 with the whole family and 2 with Zoey and I.

We as a family had the opportunity to see the Oiler’s play in-game 1 of the 2017 second round playoffs vs. the Anaheim Ducks at the Honda Center. When we got back from our vacation a couple of clients and I got to go to Game 3 of the same playoff series. The memories of the playoff games with not be forgotten, what an amazing experience. Here are a few photos that I was lucky to capture:


Go to at least one concert.

I have yet to see a concert however tickets were purchased earlier this year for the Bruno Mars concert in July. What can i say I love my wife!


Don’t pay a penny in interest payments on any credit card.

I’m happy to report as of June 1st not a penny has been paid to any credit card interest.


Well as you can see it looks as though I have my work cut out for me. Good thing I’m always up for a challenge.


Have you set any goals? Have you run into any roadblocks like me? If so please feel free to share.


Remember a roadblock is only temporary as long as you keep moving forward. Obstacles may get placed in our way at times but it’s important to not let it stop you from achieving the goals you have set for yourself.


Invest in yourself









2017 Goals progress update

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  1. Way to go Brian, if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. Impressive discipline!

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