At the beginning of the year we had set out both personal and financial goals for the 2018 calendar year and as promised here is how the year turned out.

Increase the TFSA account by $8,600

100% complete

Well we sold some liquid assets to fund the TFSA account, plus had a very busy turnaround season which gave us some additional funds. So we set another goal.

Increase the TFSA account by $25,000 (New Goal Set July 1)

100% complete

Funded the TFSA by $27,060.97

Increase the RRSP account by $3,600

100% complete

We got a bit lucky with this one as the company I work for decided to match up to $750 annually. This has now surpassed the goal as we completed the year with $4,972.08

Open an RESP account for both Zoey and Colton

100% complete

The account has been set up just before year end

Save for and go on one family vacation to Mexico

100% complete

The vacation has been fully funded. It was a great two week vacation!

Post a minimum of one blog per month

100% complete

Completed the year with 16 posts

Receive $1,500 from dividends and reinvest all of it

100% complete

Goal completed before years end. So time to step it up and set another goal in 2018.  

Receive $2,000 from dividends and reinvest all of it (New Goal Set July 1)

98% complete

Missed this goal by less than $50 however very happy with the progress and will be fully complete in January.

Now that the basic landscaping is complete build extended deck and plant trees in backyard

100% complete

The extended deck has been built, 6 trees planted and 9 bushes. Even put a sand pit with a playground in.

Go to at least 2 NHL hockey games

100% complete

I had went to two games this year which were both Boston vs. Edmonton. I did go to Boston and knock one off the bucket list with going to a Redsox game which was an amazing experience! They also won the World Series!

Do not pay a penny of interest on any credit card and receive at least $500 in cash back

100% complete

100% complete

Not one penny was paid to interest on any credit card and we collected over $500 by July i believe. 

Receive at least $900 in cash back on credit card (New Goal Set July 1)

100% complete

Knocked this one out of the park with $1,091.82. Thanks Mastercard for the free money.

Reduce debt to asset formula from 67.5% to 61%

100% complete

We just hit this one as we almost missed it due to the last quarter in the stock market. This year we reduced debt by $34,278 and increased assets by $1,830 (Some stocks have been under performing this year or this would be much higher).

Increase net worth by $60,000

53% complete

Net worth this year ended way below the goal at $36,108. Mainly two reasons, we  spent too much and the stock market was a year to forget. By some diligent moves in 2019 were hope to make this up.

Increase my financial IQ

100% complete

For this one it has lots to do with me being honest. I’m going to give myself this one,  so far my wife and I attended a 3 day investing workshop back in February which has really opened up my eyes on how to really look at what a company is worth regardless of stock price. It also has taught me to look at what the Guru’s are doing and also who within each company is buying and selling. All these indicators now assist with my decision to purchase a company or not. Another key note would be looking at the stock trend and doing my best to buy on upward trends and not so much when a stock is creating new lows. We also attended a conference for out home based business that really keeps you focused on setting and breaking goals.

Currently completing some management training that focuses on financing and reading quarterly reports. I will continue to put extra effort here to get a better understanding of evaluating companies and also have picked up a couple more books to help me along the way.

Maria to hit “Qualified National Marketing Director” in her home based business

100% complete

Maria was able to accomplish this before the end of the first quarter. This is the second highest achievement through the business levels. Very happy for her! Without the additional income brought in by this business most of these goals set would have been lower!

Final Thoughts

Well overall we did very well with hitting 15 of the 17 goals. By checking in each quarter it really helps to stay focused and make things happen

Had you set goals for 2018? How did you do? Hit any speed bumps?

Be sure to check out my 2019 goals that have been set Here

Thanks for reading and remember………..

Invest in yourself


2018 Year End Goal Update

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2 thoughts on “2018 Year End Goal Update

  1. wow nice year Brian

    You did very well with your goals and even revised ones!

    While I didnt get all my goals I still feel good about the year. Progress is still progress. I didnt make a will and that really bugs me. Reading up on them currently to get it started.

    all the best in 2019.

    1. Thanks Rob

      Overall I’m pretty happy with 2018, the stock market could of performed a bit better however it creates opportunity for us in future.

      Your solar system really has me intrigued. I looked at it in Edmonton however they don’t offer any sell back to the market so I’m waiting for that to be an option.

      We are not always going to reach every goal, maybe because we set the bar high however setting goals is the key to a successful plan for the future.

      Really appreciate your support and all the best in 2019!


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