Welcome to July’s edition of more free money from dividend investing.


But first i want to include some adventures July has taken me on while the dividends were being compounded.


My hockey team went to a provincial tournament this month in Red Deer where you play the top teams within the province. We ended up going undefeated and winning gold in tier 2. We guaranteed our spot into Nationals next year but for now we will celebrate our victory.

Next my wife and I celebrated our 6th year anniversary with a night out to Jubilation’s that was showing Greased 2. While the show was on i got approached to be an extra in one of the scenes (I must have some sweet greasy looking hair). I nervously agreed and it was a pretty cool moment. It was great to have an evening away from the kids and get some much needed bonding time.

To end the month my wife and I went to Bruno Mars for her birthday present. What an amazing performer he is. Here is a pic of the crowd getting glittered. I would highly recommend seeing Bruno live!



Okay now that I’m done bragging onto the portfolio


A few changes to the portfolio in July are as follows:


Aurora Cannabis Inc

I sold 20% of my position in ACB, Lots of good news came out as of late and made the decision to make a nice 9% gain in under 2 months. The other remaining shares will more than likely be held for at least one years time or longer depending on progress. Selling this gave me the opportunity to purchase shares in my dividend strategy.




Shaw Communications Inc.

Shaw Communications Inc. is a Canadian telecommunications company which provides telephone, Internet, television, and mobile services all backed by a fibre optic network.

I’m sure most of you already knew that. In June Shaw had sold Via West for 2.3 billion, a company they had purchased three years prior for 1.3 billion. They plan on using those additional funds to focus on the wireless market. When we look around all we see is apps coming out for almost everything and changing the world by the hour so it seems like a good business move. When i saw a 9% drop this month it had to be purchased, plus it currently pays over 4% in dividends annually.


Chartwell Retirement Residences

Chartwell Retirement Residences is an unincorporated, open-ended trust. The Company indirectly owns, manages and operates a range of seniors housing communities from independent living through assisted living to long term care. Its segments include Canadian Retirement Operations and Canadian Long Term Care Operations. It owns and operates senior residences in Canada. Its portfolio of residences includes independent living residences for seniors that include retirement units/townhouses/bungalows providing meals and general services; independent supported living residences for seniors that include retirement units/townhouses/bungalows with household general services; assisted living residences for seniors requiring personal care services; memory care units for seniors having Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia and requiring personal care services, and Long term care residences for people requiring professional nursing care on a daily basis and over 24-hour supervision.

With the baby boomers retiring and the number of seniors to double over the next 25 years the demand for these type of facility’s with definitely out weigh the supply. A nice 3.78% dividend annually with potential for growth why wouldn’t have this in my portfolio?


2016 vs 2017 Dividend Graph chart


July was an awesome month as we hit $101.86 in dividends. Which was 4 pennies off from last month. As this is not a quarterly month, this amount is impressive in my mind. That’s an increase of 10% over last July’s total of $92.13. This is the first time hitting back to back $100+ months since the start of the dividend strategy and the third month this year hitting that number.


Dividends received

July 2017
Exco Technologies XTC.TO $22.56
Nevsun Resources NSU.TO $4.56
Healthcare Leaders Income Fund HHL.TO $7.00
Northview Apartment REIT NVU.UN $6.79
Gamehost Inc GH.TO $5.18
Sienna SR Living Inc SIA.TO $8.63
Superior Plus Corp SPB.TO $8.22
Cardinal Energy Ltd CJ.TO $8.26
Plaza Retail Reit PLZ.UN $7.92
Arc Resources Ltd ARX.TO $3.45
Alta Gas Ltd ALA.TO $5.78
Crescent Point Energy Corp CPG.TO $1.59
Enbridge Income Fund Holdings ENF.TO $4.28
Freehold Royalties Ltd FRU.TO $2.85
Shaw Communications Inc SJR.B.TO $4.35
Diversified Royalty Corp DIV.TO $0.44
Total $101.86


As discussed last month our portfolio is very high in energy and as you can see from the purchases above we are reducing that percentage by investing into other sectors. Banks are in the near future.


What did we do with the $101.86?


The Mvmt legend sunglasses go for $100 which meets this amount and my Oakley gas cans have seen better days. However i was lucky enough to find some polarized lenses for them on ebay for under $10 so i’ll just reinvest the $101.86 :).


Please leave a comment if you wish as I appreciate any feedback and remember……….

Invest in yourself




Money While You Sleep 2017 July Edition

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  1. Sounds like you had an awesome month in general, not only for dividends! Looks like our portfolios are producing similar amounts. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks John, I will be keeping a look out for your next post! Thanks for reading.

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